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Coaching is about finding your own path 
But we can all benefit from a little experience from someone who's been there

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Unlock Your Potential

The term "coaching" is frequently misused in today's world. 

The expertise of a coach is not in presenting you their strategies and claiming that they are 100% guaranteed to work for you, but in working as a partner to identify your own. If this seems counterintuitive, then think of it this way: who knows your background, expertise, drives and strengths better than you do?

Coaches believe that the answers their clients come up for themselves are inherently the best. And that their role is to help you consciously define what your own definition of success is, identify the options to consider, create your own plan, and set you on a path to take action.

The job of a coach is to help you to identify and harness what you may not even consciously know that you’re capable of, to achieve the potential you might never have known you had.

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Advice From Experience

mentor has been there, done that and come out the other side. They may not have lived exactly in your shoes, but they can apply their experiences to give perspective on your own, and give you an outside but educated alternative point of view. They can suggest approaches and strategies that have (or haven’t) worked for them, when you need help navigating experiences you feel underprepared for, an impartial advisor, or an outsider’s perspective to help solve a problem.   

I am always happy to share my own experiences with my clients - if they ask me to

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