Kristie Juster

CEO, Kimball International

Jen has worked and excelled in highly complex corporate environments.  Her expertise is driven by not only her technical experience in strategy and marketing, but also her candid approach to partners that is consistently grounded in driving best outcomes.  Jen’s ability to simplify issues and distill to what matters opens doors and starts conversations about what can be possible. I put great value on my professional experiences with Jen.

Sam C Lim

CEO, Francorp Philippines

Jen is able to bring out the best in me and therefore in my team. Her depth of knowledge when it comes to business is complemented by her approachable and patient demeanor. While she often has ideas on how to solve problems, she takes the time to discuss, assess and bring out new ideas to create new possibilities. She does not hesitate to give direct feedback, but delivers it in such a way that inspires correcting and improving issues. Having worked with her in Shanghai and Tokyo, Jen is able to navigate the different intricacies of cultural dynamics and knows the importance of getting the job done, while managing and improving relationships.

George Hartel

Chief Commercial Officer, Supara Group

Jen is one of the best I have seen at getting to the heart of real issues with leaders across both large and small organizations. Her ability to quickly jump in and connect with the people drives her success and growth mindset. Jen can really ladder, from connecting with CEO to interns all in the same hour. She sees things no one else sees and is quickly able to zero in on the detailed actions needed for improvement. If you want support to improve yourself, your team, or your overall business strategy and execution, she is your go-to person!

Iyad Uakoub

Head of Learning & Development, Skillz Inc.

Jen is a wonderful coach that I had the pleasure of working with recently. She is talented in digging deeper to unlock your creativity so you can stop feeling stuck and start thriving. She helped me answer my own questions which led to more confidence and commitment on my part. 
Jen is genuine, patient, yet efficient. Highly recommended for people who want to make transformational changes in life and career.

Charlene Johnson-Crooks

Founder, 1937Ltd Events

I underestimated the value of mentoring until meeting Jen. Her natural rapport with people and no nonsense approach blends tangible guidance with personal growth tips that are not only an asset to a mentee’s career but life overall. Her approach is honest and purpose-driven. I look up to Jen as an outstanding mentor who has helped me navigate my way around the corporate world.

Annalise Wenig

SkyMiles Innovation, Delta Air Lines

Jen's greatest strength is her ability to untie knots. With patience and tact, she can pick apart seemingly impossible situations to unveil a solution that was there all along. Possessing the ability to deliver hard truths with kindness, Jen has helped me focus on creating a path forward through multiple professional challenges. Jen can't make a storm disappear, but she will certainly stand next to you with an umbrella.

Sam Tuttle

Marketing, Newell Brands

Jen’s honesty and authenticity makes her an exceptional mentor. She will genuinely hear you out on any situation and give you sound advice in return. She personally mentored me through a huge amount of organizational change that helped my perspective and understanding on how to lead my own team under stress. Jen excels at being a champion for others – no matter the level. Her guidance has always been thoughtful and effortless throughout the years that I’ve known her.

Simy Carvalho

SkyMiles Program Strategy, Delta Air Lines

I have been tremendously fortunate to have Jen serve as both a mentor and a coach. As a mentor, Jen has guided me through major professional decisions and obstacles. I can always trust her to give me her honest feedback while sharing her invaluable wisdom she has accumulated throughout her experienced career. As a coach, she has challenged me to set major yet attainable goals for my professional development. I can always count on Jen to not only help me envision a path to success, but also keep me on track throughout every step of the way. Jen is incredibly intelligent, extremely approachable and unwaveringly trustworthy.

Christina Chu Palmer

SkyMiles Expansion, Delta Air Lines

Jen has a huge amount of experience in the corporate world and is an extraordinary leader and mentor. Jen provides exceptional guidance, clear perspective and vision. With her support and leadership, I have built confidence to successfully manage key initiatives and grow in my career

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