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What I Do

Whether as a mentor to advise and guide, or as coach to unlock your capabilities, I give you the tools to fulfil your leadership potential. Together we identify your professional and personal vision and create the path for you to achieve it, demolishing obstacles along the way.


The Meaning Behind Sakura

Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossom. In Japan, sakura season, or hanami, is a celebration of the cherry trees bursting into color in spring, signaling the retreat of the bleak winter and the start of the new season teeming with life. Sakura season is a phenomenon that goes beyond parks and gardens; for a short time, Japanese society transforms to honor the blossom.     

The transformational energy of the season inspired the name of my business; engaging in a professional coaching or mentoring relationship will give you the power to break into a new life of your own.


What To Expect As A Client

Choosing the right coach or mentor is like choosing the right pair of shoes; personal according to your taste and it varies by the season of life you’re in. Both of you have to feel that the partnership will be a successful one, so the first step is a discovery call where we find out more about each other and what you hope to get from our relationship. 

Only when we both feel it’s the right fit will we enter into a engagement contract where we will agree your goals.

There is no minimum or maximum time; it can be from 3 months to multiple years, the partnership lasts as long as it is helping you to achieve your goals.      


Working with Jen


Laurel Hurd

Jen has a keen ability to see the forest through the trees, and can get to the heart of complex issues quickly. You can always count on her to listen without bias, and drive to solutions that are practical and actionable.  I have seen her navigate complicated international organizations, break through silos and drive partnerships across functional boundaries.  Jen is easy to be with, has great energy and quick wit, and I truly enjoyed our time working together.

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